Michele Veium

December 9, 2015

Hello ApotheCrafters!

I'm so excited! More so I'm so grateful for all of you being excited and supportive of me!!

Things keep filling my home for the shop soon to come!

Which means my house is a mess but what the hay ... Even in the "clutter of business operating"
the good vibrations stay at high level with so many amazing herbs, oils and super charged, smelly good soap, lotions and candles!!

Speaking of candles ....

The Reiki candles are in!

Just like I promised, I would have in house candles and also the ones you know and love!

Each one has a lovely prayer and filled with essential oils, fragrance oils and only blessings towards your highest good!!

There is a sneak peek of some of my lately favorites on our Facebook page. ( just search for The ApotheCraft Shop)

Do you have a favorite??

Love, Spirit, Courage, Dreams & last but not least: GRATITUDE.

If it wasn't for the Love of Spirit to guide me to be COURAGEous and DREAM big I wouldn't have been able to start a business in my community ? ... And for this blessing I am so full of GRATITUDE.

Thank you ApotheCrafters for being the uplifting, kind and generous people behind my success in my purpose and path in life: "Through my touch, I bring healing to the world"

One word at a time. One hug at a time. One forgiveness at a time ....

And maybe a few candles ...and oils ....and soap ....and tea ....and syrup ...and salves ...and all that good stuff ... At a time ?

Lol my friends ... My love is silly!

Be Well! Be Happy! Be Blessed!

In Good Health,


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